1 Not A Disclaimer

Chin Chin is always stuck in my head. always


Dewy Pink Peony. (x).


i look like sh*t. i wish my stress reaction wasn’t picking at my skin, i’d be a lot prettier then.


Self portrait. Keith Haring.


i was taking pictures of the new puppy


when i look out the window to see the older dog just


i wonder all the time what it’s like to have a flat tummy

right cheek acne is in full effect, don’t look at my right side

why am i so attracted to funny looking white boys


gonna be normcore for halloween because honestly what’s scarier than that!

  1. my mama’s jeans, cuffed
  2. someone’s new balances (i know at least three of my friends have a pair y’all better let me borrow one)
  3. crew socks, possibly folded
  4. my blue sailboat shirt, untucked
  5. a hat with some meaningless logo on it, backwards
  6. my dickies booksack
  7. an old digital camera around my neck

nonjutsu I have absolutely no idea when I unfollowed you, my bad!!