A child is born.
Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson spent 12 years of his life taking pictures of the foetus developing in the womb. These incredible photographs were taken with conventional cameras with macro lenses, an endoscope and scanning electron microscope. Nilsson used a magnification of hundreds of thousands and “worked” right in the womb.
He published is work as a book, A child is born, in 1965 and it consists of photographs charting the development of the human embryo and fetus from conception to birth. Photographs are accompanied by text, written by doctors, describing prenatal development and offering advice on antenatal care.
This picture shows a foetus of 16 weeks. The skeleton consists mainly of flexible cartridge and a network of blood vessels is visible through the thin skin.

Torkil Gudnason for Mademoiselle Magazine, March 1984.

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